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The Road Ahead: The vision of our project.

Last fall I applied for a grant with my alma mater, Vassar College, with the hope to take a year off to explore what living in community might look like for me and millions of late boomers who are looking … Continue reading

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Seeking True Community

The renowned Vietnamese Buddhist Monk, Thick Nhat Hanh, wrote: It is possible that the next Buddha will not take the form of an individual. The next Buddha may take the form of a community–a community practicing understanding and loving kindness; … Continue reading

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Gas up the Guppy Campaign

The Guppy is the name of our Road Trek vehicle, the chariot generously donated to us by Cliff DeVlieg. Cliff is an avid fisherman and thinks the van looks like a guppy. What do you think? We will be interviewing 16 … Continue reading

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About the Chicks

Claudia B (tall chick with the curly hair) I am a 49-year-old single female living in Phoenix, Arizona, with no children or family here.  I moved to the Southwest eighteen years ago from upstate New York, taking a leap of … Continue reading

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The Last Boomer

Technically, Donna and I are part of the baby boomer generation, a label given to anyone born between 1943 and 1964. According to US statistics, Baby Boomers represent approximately 80 million people, or one quarter of the US population, and … Continue reading

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Faces and Places at Fifty from the Road

Our adventure involves taking a road trip to a number of existing co housing communities in the United States to interview/research them from the perspective of being fifty, female and single. Our premise is that “aging in community” is a … Continue reading

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Where the hell are all the baby boomers going to live?

Last fall, when many of my friends and I were having a really hard time keeping up with bad economy, I got concerned about what the next decade ahead might look like for us. Many of us are women, around … Continue reading

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