Faces and Places at Fifty from the Road

Our adventure involves taking a road trip to a number of existing co housing communities in the United States to interview/research them from the perspective of being fifty, female and single. Our premise is that “aging in community” is a more viable, socially fulfilling and economically feasible option than the current predominant paradigm of “aging in place.”

We will be learning about and evaluating the best practices of different communities from both a design and psychological aspect using face -to -face interviews and a carefully constructed survey. We plan to capture and share our findings first in a blog, and then in a presentation or book. This road trip will provide first hand research for millions of late boomers (48-60) on what living in community could look like beyond current conventional models of retirement and aging in our rapidly changing world.

We are setting out to give a fresh voice and perspective to what aging in community involves. Intentional community living is not just something for “hippies’ or people who have fallen out of sync with the culture.  Both Donna and I are successful entrepreneurs, well educated, in good health and currently financially self-sufficient. But we are seriously re-evaluating what it takes to live independent from others in our later years and the toll it takes both financially, emotionally and spiritually.

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