What is Cohousing?

One of the most frequently asked questions I am getting lately is, “What is cohousing” and how is it different than other types of intentional community living? From the book Reinventing Community by David Wann, www.reinventingcommunity.com

What makes cohousing unique is that the residents take on an active role in determining what kind of a place they’ll live in . Cohousing is “reinventing community” in the sense that it replaces social values and architectural concepts that were once very common.

“Cohousing communities offer an alternative American Dream where residents work collaboratively to create strong, vibrant neighborhoods that use fewer resources and provide more-supportive environments. David Wann”s book offers valuable insights into why people are not only drawn to this type of neighborhood but have taken considerable risk and effort to create cohousing neighborhoods. It shows us both the mundane and extraordinary aspects of creating and living in community in contemporary America.”

— Kathryn M. McCamant, cohousing architect, developer, and co-author of Cohousing: A Contemporary Approach to Housing Ourselves.

A great resource to learn more about cohousing can be found on the following website:  http://www.cohousing.org/

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