The Bumps on the Road…

It has been a week now that we have been on the road. And as with any journey things are bound to happen that you have to deal with. While on route to Fort Collins one of the guage’s in the Guppy was running high. We asked Laura our hostat Riverrock Commons for a recommendation. The next morning she took us to see her mechanic Naveed who runs King’s Auto Center in Fort Collins. They gave the guppy an oil change and good look over while Donna and I walked around Old Town on a gorgeous Indian summer afternoon. He even came and picked us up. Prompt, courteous service. I highly recommend them.

From Fort Collins we drove to Lyons Valley Village for our 3 pm appointment and realized upon arrival that we left our camera somewhere. Somehow in the commotion of getting picked up neither of us noticed that it was missing. It had all our pictures of Riverrock Commons on it. My mind was racing, retracing every move realizing that we left it hanging on the chair in the park.  After a restless night in the Guppy, I accepted it was gone. Donna stayed amazingly calm.

The next morning we took a lovely walk in the natural habitat surrounding Lyons Village before heading back to Fort Collins and see if anyone turned it in. Before heading out of town we stopped at the City Chicks Coffee shop. How could we not? The owners Robin & ? came right out to greet us and the Guppy. They were very familiar with the RoadTrek vehicle and the perfect people to ask about how to empty out the grey water in the Guppy that was full. Robin told us where to go so we headed out to do the deed. We circled around a few times not exactly sure what we were looking for.  I jumped out at the RV park to ask for more instructions. This old guy looked me up and down and said, “you are looking for a hole in the ground.” Okay, so back we went looking for a hole in the ground chuckling the whole way. So imagine the scene, Donna on her hands and knees with blue gloves on while I am getting instructions from Cliff back in Phoenix. Together we successfully relieved the Guppy and we were back on the road, feeling lighter and quite pleased with ourselves. Yes, as the T shirt says, “chicks rule!”

We headed back to Fort Collins and walked into the Bank right by where we last saw the camera. We were greeted by a friendly teller and just behind her was our camera. We jumped up with joy, delighted that there are still honest people in the world.

We both really enjoyed the vibe of Fort Collins, the college student energy, lovely environs and small shops. According to AARP, Fort Collins was one of the best places for someone over to “reinvent themselves.”

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3 Responses to The Bumps on the Road…

  1. Suzanne says:

    Too cool! Chicks indeed rule, but Karma rules more . . .

  2. Liah Holtzman says:

    So glad you found your camera.
    Yes, things do happen while traveling.
    Reminds me of the time I left my Day Timer notebook on a busy in Buenos Aires.
    It was a funny scene me hoping in a taxi and explaining in hand signals to
    “follow that bus”.
    Believe it or not, I caught the bus and retrieved my notebook.
    Love and hugs

  3. Diane Niemann says:

    Glad you found the hole in the ground. For a minute there I thought Lowell was with you. LOL. Nice to read that you found your camera with all your photos. Time to do a back up of the photos onto your computer. I saw your breakfast photos, YUM! I’m happy to read all is going well. Thinking of you both from afar. xo

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