First Glance of Lyons Valley Village

Lyons Valley Village was one of the smallest, youngest and most rural communities we visited thus far. The 18 homes are nestled on a 2-acre site that is bordered by open space, a stream and surrounded by stunning mountain views.

This community was also developed by Wonderland and Built Green, meaning it was designed using renewable, recycled materials resulting in energy efficient homes. The community layout was more staggered on the site instead of the “shotgun” approach that we had seen in some of the other communities.

Don, a recovering lawyer and business coach greeted us and started the interview in the Common House. He was later joined by Kathy, a life coach who was the fourth resident in the community.

Currently there is a mixed demographic with more women than men. We also noticed more dogs than cats here. Many of the residents have work based elsewhere, so Kathy made the comment that they have a “frequent traveler’s club.” The upside is that while you are gone, there is built in security living in close proximity. The downside is that your involvement can vary based on people’s schedules.

There are four teams that govern the community that they developed themselves. There is not an equal level of engagement–a common theme among communities and because they are small the same people get burned out.

There was a reserved but pleasant friendly vibe to the community-perfect for someone who enjoys living in a rural natural setting.

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2 Responses to First Glance of Lyons Valley Village

  1. Liah Holtzman says:

    Wonder what the winters are like?

    • Glad you asked. Lyons is in what they call the “banana belt” and somewhat sheltered from the mountains. The average temp is 15 to 55 degrees in the winter and they get over 300 days of sun year round. The town itself is small with a population of 1400. However, you are about half hour from Boulder that has lots of things to offer.

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