New Old Age: Article from The New York Times

While the 2 Chicks were on the road an interesting article ran in the New York Times about 2 weeks ago. Not only does it feature Silver Sage, the 55 Plus cohousing community we visited in Boulder, it also mentions others that are in process. For as many communities as exist there are at least that many forming.

Quoting the Executive Director of

You can see the appeal. “Any of us who’ve looked at the options for senior housing know that they’re not all that attractive,” Mr. Ragland said. Senior cohousing, though, promises the blend of privacy and kinship, plus the support for aging in place, that assisted living or continuing care retirement communities try to provide – but with the residents themselves firmly in charge. From hiring architects to setting pet policies, they run the show.

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One Response to New Old Age: Article from The New York Times

  1. John Hogan says:

    Intentional community living has taken on a whole new meaning for me as a result of what Two Chicks and a Guppy are generating.
    This is great!

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