An Uncommon Beauty

We sat down with Karin Roth, a sixty something resident at The Commons on the Alameda on a gorgeous afternoon in Sante Fe. There was some set up going on around us as people prepared for the community supper, something they do twice a week. Karin and her husband Dick moved there in 1994 after retiring and are original owners although not founding members. Eleven of the original 28 homeowners still live there.

Like most communities, the Commons has evolved over time with over 20 children ranging in ages. The distribution of ages and couples seems to be in good balance at this point.

Karin shared two issues that the Commons is currently dealing with namely, rainwater collection and putting up a laundry line. Even though things are much easier to naviagate than 16 years ago, getting consensus among the group is still a challenging process. The Commons had one of the lowest HOA fees and seem to be really good in managing their finances. Their placement and system for guest rooms was among the best we had seen anywhere.

Something this community feels it does really well is to celebrate and take care of their children. Many of the parents share in daycare while they work and use a room in the Common House. This lovely blend of old and new is a sign of a healthy community.

Afterwards we walked around the lovely and mature grounds. The community was organied around four “placitas” or quadrants. The homes were all in a pueblo style and there were meandering paths that emptied into enclosed courtyards and views into private courtyards. Most of the landscape was comprised of native vegetation and maintained by the community itself.

When we got back to the Common House the cooking team was bustling to some lively music. There was a mature and lived in feel to this community. One that has aged well over time, showing some wrinkles that have come with living and laughing gracefully.

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  1. sarara says:

    i could live there!

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